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When the first edition of A Changing of the Guard was posted on SFFWorld I received a lot of feedback, both positive and negative, about all aspects of the article (content, usefulness, presentation, etc…) and I wanted to take that feedback and really step up when it came time to put together this third edition of my popular (and controversial!) series of articles outlining some of the newest and brightest stars of the SF/F genre!

I’ve put a lot of time an effort into this, so I hope you like the new and improved “A Changing of the Guard! I’d love to hear what some of you think, so feel encouraged to leave a comment!

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With the impending release of Terry Brooks’ latest novel, The Elves of Cintra looming only a The Elves of Cintra by Terry Brookscouple of days away, I thought it was about time to draw a bit of attention towards the very first review I ever wrote for A Dribble of Ink!

Review | The Elves of Cintra

I was pretty stoked to be one of the first (if not the first publication to be able to get my hands on The Elves of Cintra and review it. Terry Brooks is one of the most consistent sellers in the Fantasy genre and a new release by him is always a big even for me! I know some Internet Trolls are a little down on Mr. Brooks, but he’s always been special to me and his two latest offerings (Armaggedon’s Children and The Elves of Cintra) have been some his best novels to date.

So, be sure to check the review out if you’re at all interested in an easy to read novel that mixes Urban, Apocalyptic Fantasy with good ol’ Epic Fantasy! It’s been a while since I posted this (in fact, I often forget that the novel hasn’t even been published despite the fact that the review is several months old!) so I thought it would be a great way to expose some of my newer readers to Terry Brooks!


EDIT: I just noticed that Fantasy Book Critic has posted a review of The Elves of Cintra. Check it out HERE!

The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss
I don’t usually worry about “The News” here at A Dribble of Ink (there are usually many better places to go for that!), but I thought this was too cool to pass up! I just noticed that both the Pats (Rothfuss and Mr. Fantasy Hotlist) just posted the cover to Patrick Rothfuss’s next novel, due out early next year. The Name of the Wind, Rothfuss’ first novel, is one of my favourite novels I’ve read this year and on top of that I have to thank my two part interview with Pat (Part One, Part Two) for really helping me draw visitors here to A Dribble of Ink in its infancy, so he and his novels hold a special place in my heart!

In any case, here to the left is the cover of Patrick’s next novel, The Wise Man’s Fear, the sequel to his successful first novel, The Name of the Wind (you can find my review HERE). I was one of the few that actually seemed to like the cover art for his first novel, but even I will admit that the cover art for the The Wise Man’s Fear trounces all over that of The Name of the Wind! I think the most significant thing to note is that this time around apparently it’s going to be “A Novel”, as opposed to whatever The Name of the Wind was…

Pat runs a highly amusing blog (HERE) where you can be sure to find all the up-to-date information on him, his books and his zany life. Be sure to check it out!

I’m going away on a bit of a road trip tomorrow and it occurred to me that I would be away from the blog here for at least a couple of nights! So I set my mind arollin’ trying to come up with a topic that was so utterly clever, witty, charming and interesting that my readers would be so enamoured with it that I wouldn’t be missed for a couple of nights. Needless to say, I wasn’t successful in my venture.

So I went back to the drawing board and really wracked my brains for a way to bring great content to you guys while I’m away from the computer… then it hit me. I don’t have to!

You see, since starting A Dribble of Ink I’ve met a lot of other bloggers running their own kickass blogs and filling my RSS Feeder with loads of delicious content every day. So, I’ll let them do the work for me! I knew I had to narrow it down a little (there are so many great SF/F blogs!), and I figure you all know about Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist, Neth Space, Blog O’Rob, Fantasy Book Critic and all the other bigger, more established blogs, so I decided to focus on the newer blogs that I find myself coming back to again and again!
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When I first began A Dribble of Ink, one of my main mandates was to plug and promote some of those newer authors that I enjoy and maybe aren’t being read by as many people as they should be. One of the methods I came up with to achieve this was to write a series of articles titled “A Changing of the Guard” (the first of which can be found HERE, the second HERE and the third is in the process of being pulled together) in which I would take a brief look at some of my favourite new authors in hopes that I might help to expose them and their novels to some new readers. I was happy with my first stab at creating “A Changing of the Guard” and was thrilled when a deal was worked out between myself and the staff at SFFWorld to publish the article on their website.
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