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The Bonehunters by Steven EriksonWell, I promised you a surprise with regards to Steven Erikson and, well… here it is!

This giveaway is a collaboration between A Dribble of Ink and The Signed Page. The Signed Page was kind enough to provide me with five (5) Trade Paperback copies of Steven Erikson’s The Bonehunters and, best of all, they’re signed by Steve himself!

Unfortunately this contest is only open to those living in North America. I have to pay for the shipping out of my own pocket and, well… I’m a poor college student! I apologize to all of those who read my blog from outside of North America, I know there are a lot of you!

Also, just to clarify, the editions being given away are Trade Paperback, US copies of The Bonehunters. The one with the erm… beautiful Todd Lockwood cover to the left.

The Rules are simple:

  • Go to The Signed Page and find the name of their newsletter (found near the bottom of the page)
  • Send and email to bonehunters(no-spam) [remove the (no-spam) thing!)
  • Put “BONEHUNTERS” into the subject line
  • Include: your Full Name & Mailing Address (North American only, please!) and the name of the Signed Page’s newsletter
  • Let me know what corners of the Internet you roam and your screen names (Message Boards, Blogs, etc…)
  • Enter only ONCE, multiple entrants will be disqualified.

And that’s it! Pretty standard stuff (in fact, I basically stole most of it from Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist!) Steve doesn’t get out to do signings as much as other authors, so this is a pretty rare treat that fans of his surely won’t want to pass up! The lucky winners will be announced around the same time as the three-way interview between Steven Erikson, Ian Cameron Esslemont and myself! (Don’t forget that you can send in questions if you have them! Check this post for details!)

Good luck to everyone who enters!

Steven Erikson, photo by Fazal Majid   Thanks to Shawn Speakman (a good friend of mine, a terrific author and the man behind The Signed Page) I had the chance to meet one of Fantasy’s biggest authors, Steven Erikson. In fact, I didn’t only meet him, I spent an afternoon with him and Shawn and we had a good chance to talk about everything from Fantasy, to windy islands, to K.J. Parker’s latest trilogy (The Engineer Trilogy, it’s really good apparently!), to my own writing career, and even Pat from Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist (Nothing but good things, Pat. I promise!).

   It’s obviously a pretty rare chance to sit down with a published author and be able to shoot the shit for a couple of hours. It’s an even rarer chance to do so with an author who many will argue is the finest in the genre at the moment.
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ACACIA: The War with the Mein by David Anthony DurhamDavid Anthony Durham is giving away an audio copy of his latest novel, ACACIA: The War with the Mein, over at his blog. ACACIA is well worth the read… er, listen and entering the contest is as easy as signing up for his forum (where you’ll often find me laying down the law!) and entering in a thread there.

I’m confident to say that ACACIA was one of the biggest surprises for me this year. Durham crafted a terrific novel that tackles a lot of topics not often seen in the Fantasy genre. you can find my full review HERE and the interview I did with Durham HERE.

Check out Durham’s blog post about the contest HERE. Good luck!

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Brandon SandersonBrandon Sanderson is a hard working guy. As you’re about to find out, his first published novel, Elantris is actually the 13th novel he wrote! 13! And who said that was an unlucky number? Clearly Sanderson is passionate about what he does (write Fantasy novels) and it shows in his work. Elantris, “was Brandon’s first published book. A stand-alone epic fantasy novel, the book won the Romantic Times award for best epic fantasy of 2005, was chosen by Barnes and editors as the best fantasy or sf book of the year, and is forthcoming in fourteen languages (about half of which have been released as of September of 2007.)” (pulled from HERE) Needless to say the release of his two subsequent novels (the first and second book of a trilogy, respectively), The Final Empire and The Well of Ascension were met with eager anticipation by his fans.

Brandon is currently hard at work wrapping up the third novel in the Mistborn Trilogy and has just released his first children’s novel, Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians!

Well, enough introductions, why don’t we take a look at what Brandon has to say!
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   About a week ago, John (from Grasping for the Wind) posted a well thought out and articulated article on his stance regarding the presence of swearing in Fantasy novels. This is a topic I’m constantly thinking about and I planned on writing a response… but, well, time got away from me and I never really got around to it. Then Joe Abercrombie, (author of The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanged and the forthcoming Last Argument of Kings, brought his own thoughts to the table and I figured this would be a perfect time to finally add my own ideas and opinions to the mix.
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