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Over at his Official Web Site, Terry Brooks and Del Rey released the first chapter in his upcoming novel, The Gypsy Morph.

The Gypsy Morph is the concluding volume in Brooks’ The Genesis of Shannara trilogy. The trilogy acts as a bridge to connect his very famous Shannara series and his lesser known Word & Void trilogy. If the first two novels in the trilogy, Armageddon’s Children and The Elves of Cintra, are any indication, Brooks fans have a lot to look forward to!

Two further chapters will be released on July 1st and August 1st. In celebration of the chapter’s release I present you with another look at the ill-advised cover for the US edition of The Gypsy Morph!

The Gypsy Morph by Terry Brooks

You can find the chapter HERE. The link is located on the right side of the screen just underneath the cover art.

Bloodheir by Brian RuckleyBrian Ruckley, author of Winterbirth, recently released an excerpt from his upcoming novel, Bloodheir. Bloodheir is the second book in The Godless World trilogy and the early reviews have been good (Chris the Book Swede, Grasping for the Wind, Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist), and it seems that Brian won’t let down fans of the first novel!

Brian also announced that the title of the final novel in the trilogy will be Fall of Thanes. Say one thing for Brian Ruckley, say he can come up with some great titles!

Brian and I are currently in the midst of working on an interview right now that I’m sure you’ll all find interesting and fun! Instead of the normal process of just sending Brian a bunch of questions, he and I are going to have more of a back and forth conversation about writing, the industry, cover art and everything in between. We’re hoping this will keep us away from the typical questions that he’s already answered in many other interviews.

In the meantime, though, you can find the prologue to Bloodheir HERE.

You can also watch a clip of Brian reading from Bloodheir HERE!

Over at Weta Holics, Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro, the two bigwigs behind the upcoming film adaptation of The Hobbit answered a bucketload of questions about the upcoming movies.

Fans were invited to a live chat with the two filmakers and were able to ask the questions they wanted to know. Over 7,000 questions were submitted in total (!!!), and obviously the two were not able to answer them all, but there’s a huge wealth of knowledge about The Hobbit and it’s sequel.

Of interesting note:

at this point in time the plan is to write for the rest of this year and start early conceptual designs. 2009 will be dedicated to pre-production on both movies and 2010 will be the year we shoot both films back to back. Post productin follows one film at a time with The Hobbit being released Dec 2011, and F2 release Dec 2012. That is the schedule in about as much detail as we have ourselves at the moment.

And, in regards to the decision to hire del Toro as director:

I’ll talk more about this in a later question, but watching his films, he has respect for fantasy. He understands it, he’s not frightened by it. Guillermo also understands character, and how the power of any movie is almost always linked to how closely we empathize with characters within the story. His work shows great care and love for the main characters he creates. He also has supreme confidence with design, and visual effects. So many film makers are scared of visual effects – which is no crime, but tough if you’re doing one of these movies!

If we disagree, the director has to win, because you should never force a director to shoot something they don’t believe in. But we’re both reasonably practical and ego-free, and I believe that if we disagree, we both have the ability to express our differing theorys – state our case, like lawyers – and between us, work out what’s best for the movie.

You can find the interview HERE or download a PDF copy HERE.

Thanks to SF Crowsnest for the heads up!

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Details about Neal Stephenson’s next novel, Anathem, have been leaking out lately and the novel’s looking better and better all the time. The US and UK cover art have been released, as well as a cursory blurb on

US Cover:

The US cover art for Neal Stephenson's Anathem

UK Cover:

The UK cover art for Neal Stephenson's Anathem

This is one of those rare instances when I can’t decide which cover I like better! They’re both gorgeous and hopefully that holds true for the novel as well. Details on the plot are sparse, but Amazon does have this little synopsis, which sounds promising:

Here is another brilliantly original novel from the cult author of “Snowcrash and Cryptonomicon”.Since childhood, Raz has lived behind the walls of a 3,400-year-old monastery, a sanctuary for scientists, philosophers, and mathematicians. There, he and his cohorts are sealed off from the illiterate, irrational, unpredictable “saecular” world, an endless landscape of casinos and megastores that is plagued by recurring cycles of booms and busts, dark ages and renaissances, world wars and climate change. Until the day that a higher power, driven by fear, decides it is only these cloistered scholars who have the abilities to avert an impending catastrophe. And, one by one, Raz and his friends, mentors, and teachers are summoned forth without warning into the unknown.

Stephenson is the acclaimed author of The Baroque Cycle, Cryptonomicon and Snow Crash, among other works. Anathem is set to be published in September, 2008.