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Paul Kearney didn’t like my review of The Ten Thousand. Shock, I know. I felt like I fairly judged the novel, weighing its pros and cons in an objective and honest way. Kearney, however, had a different problem.

If you don’t read a book to the end, you aren’t in a position to review it. Period.

Erm. Alright, I didn’t realize that an opinion couldn’t coalesce until the last page had been turned, but, well… okay.

Graeme, from Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review responded with:

What makes a review a review? Aidan’s basically telling us what he thought about what he read, even though he didn’t make it to the end. He can’t say much, if anything, about the book as a whole (for obvious reasons!) but I’d say he’s in as good a position as anyone else to comment on what he did read. Does that count as a review though? Kinda, I think…

Wait. Yeah, what he said!

To be honest, though, I expected to see some critics rear their heads when it came to light that I hadn’t actually finished The Ten Thousand and still decided to write a review about it. In fact, I debated with myself for quite some time whether I even would write the review, knowing that the situation was a bit of an ethical dilemma. In the end, though, I knew that, whether I had finished the novel or not, I had to write the review.

“Why,” you ask?
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David Anthony Durham dropped me (along with some other bloggers, I’m sure!) a line today with some good news today. His first Fantasy novel Acacia: The War with the Mein has been optioned for film!

I’m finally able to announce that Acacia has been optioned by Relativity Media and they’ve hired a screenwriter who is going to work on the screenplay.

From Variety:

Relativity Media has acquired rights to David Anthony Durham’s epic fantasy novel “Acacia: The War With the Mein.”

Andrew Grant will adapt the first installment of a planned trilogy.

Story kicks off after King Akaran is assassinated and the kingdom of Acacia is overthrown by the warlike Mein tribe. Four Akaran siblings spend nine years in exile before reuniting as adults to retake their father’s kingdom.

Relativity’s Ryan Kavanaugh will produce alongside Michael De Luca. De Luca Prods.’ Zach Schiff-Abrams, who brought the project into Relativity, will exec produce along with Relativity’s Tucker Tooley.

Kavanaugh said “Acacia,” which was published by Doubleday in June 2007, has “great franchise potential.” “The book has already generated such a huge response across the world,” he added.

Book was one of Kirkus Reviews Ten Best Works of Fiction in 2007 and one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2007.

To date, Relativity has structured more than $8 billion in production slate financings. The company’s single-picture business has more than 30 films in various stages of production and release.

I was a big fan of the novel, so this is great news.

The guys at SFCrowsnest (those lovely british chaps who sometimes run my interviews!) have launched their very own stab at social networking. The Hivemind is a little like Facebook for Fantasy nerds. Sounds pretty cool, right?

You can check out The Hivemind HERE and, if you decide to sign up, you can find my profile HERE. Don’t be afraid to add me to your friends list!

My review of The Ten Thousand by Paul Kearney started a bit of a stir. It wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but, as we all know, I’m not you.

The Ten Thousand by Paul Kearney

Like I said in my review, I have a feeling that my opinion’s the exception, rather than the rule. I’m curious to hear what other people think about the book, but since it’s not out yet, I found the next best thing: Sample Chapters! I may not have been the biggest fan of the novel, but I’m also certain that a lot of people will really enjoy it. So check out the sample and let me know what you think.

Solaris has a PDF sampler of the novel available to download HERE.