The first three volumes of Daniel Abraham‘s Long Price Quartet were graced with some bloody good cover art. And, well… it looks like the fourth (and final) volume can make the same claim.

The Price of Spring by Daniel Abraham

Pretty nice, eh? Though in the same style as the earlier covers, it’s somewhat missing the art-deconess of the earlier covers, though that might change once I’m actually holding the things in my hands. Also, it’s much, much better than the atrocious omnibus editions coming from Orbit Books.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the publication of this final volume, so I can finally jump into the Long Price Quartet, which comes highly recommended.

3 thoughts on “Cover Art | The Price of Spring by Daniel Abraham”

  1. edifanob says:

    This month I bought A Shadow in Summer because I got several recommendations. Next month I will buy A Betrayal in Winter and An Autumn War. I like the covers which are full of atmosphere.

    Beside this for me it doesn’t make sense to buy the omnibus because it is more expensive than to buy the books separated (at

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