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Artwork from Todd Lockwood for SPELLBOUND by Blake Charlton

From Charlton’s post on Tor.com:

The scene inspiring this cover was suggested by the lovely Megan Messinger (who was one of my valuable beta readers). For this cover, Todd and Irene faced an additional challenge. At the heart of Spellbound lies a mystery as to what, fundamentally, a dragon is in this world. It’s more complicated than you might expect. Much of the action is devoted to trying to discover and understand two hidden dragons. For this reason, when I saw the first sketches I began doing cheerleader back-flips to make sure that the cover couldn’t “spoil” the story. Through various methods that can’t be discussed without spoiling, Todd and Irene created an image that will keep the reader guessing as to exactly what kind of a creature is on the cover. Things are not as they seem.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Todd Lockwood. I loved his art on the cover of Spellwright… and I like this even more! Where the cover for Spellwright felt a little adolescent (due, in part, to the typeface used), Spellbound is a bit more sophisticated and adult. Nicodemus Weal, the protagonist, looks like an adult, which is also nice. Really harkens back to some of Michael Whelan’s old covers. And I *love* the creamy blue background against the red dragon. Certainly it’s Lockwood at the top of his game.

Now, let’s just hope the typeface gets a bit more tender love ‘n care than Spellwright‘s bizarre glowly, swirly font.

Update: Looks like LEC Book Reviews has a newer version of the cover with the title and author.
SPELLBOUND by Blake Charlton

I’m still not fond of the font, but the dark blue and lack of glow is nice, but, well, author branding and all that jazz. Lovely use of colour all around.

It’s interesting to note the loss of detail in this version, suggesting that this is an earlier version of the cover. Expect the more detailed artwork above to actually appear on the cover.