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Echo City by Tim Lebbon (US cover)


Echo City by Tim Lebbon (UK cover)

I first stumbled upon Echo City when I ran across the wonderful cover for the US edition, published by Bantam Spectra. I didn’t know anything about the novel, I’d never read anything by Lebbon, but I was instantly drawn to the obviously post-apocalyptic image.

When I heard that the UK edition, published by Orbit Books was going to sport a different cover, I was a little dismayed. Why would they mess with a good thing? My fears were proved unnecessary when I finally got a glimpse of the UK cover and found it to be, if not better, equally bold and attractive. Both feature similar aspects, but the swapped colour palettes both lend a different feel to the post-apocalyptic world. It’s rare that a novel will change covers between regions and manage to be effective in both cases. Lebbon lucked out, big time.

Via Roland’s Codex:

Artwork from the Limited Edition of BEFORE THEY ARE HANGED by Joe Abercrombie

Subterranean Press is known for producing top-notch artwork for their limited edition novels. This piece from Alex Preuss is just another example. My opinion here more-or-less mirrors what I felt about the artwork released for The Blade Itself: it’s a terrific piece, full of moody atmosphere and wonderful colours… but it doesn’t really match my vision of Abercrombie’s series. Too much dystopian Science Fiction, not enough dirty European-inspired Fantasy.

Still, it’d look just lovely hanging on a wall, wouldn’t it?

Via The Wertzone:

ELANTRIS by Brandon Sanderson (UK)

On the heels of yesterday’s lovely cover for the eBook edition of Sanderson’s The Mistborn Trilogy comes the UK cover for Elantris. It’s his older debut novel, first hitting North American shelves in 2005, but is only now being released in the United Kingdom.

Gollancz has really nailed a brand for Sanderson, playing off the previous covers for The Mistborn Trilogy and The Way of Kings. Like the cover for The Final Empire, there’s a wonderful sense of balance between the charcoal grey and the green mist. It’s perhaps not quite as suitable an image for Elantris as it was for The Mistborn Trilogy, but it’s still haunting and eye-catching. Brandon Sanderson’s lucked out big time and manage great covers on his novels in both of the major English-speaking regions.

THE MISTBORN TRILOGY by Brandon Sanderson (eBook)

Over on, Weber talks about the cover:

At one point she is named “beautiful destroyer,” and I think in many ways that is exactly what I was trying to convey when I painted her. I rolled that phrase around in my head a lot while working on this. Although I’ll never be able to make one picture capable of encompassing everything I love about this series, I’m pleased that I was given the opportunity to express a mood and atmosphere that does my vision of the story justice.

Lovely. Captures all the mood of the trilogy and, in a rare instance, Weber actually seems to have depicted a version of a main character that’s close to the one in my head. It’s simple, but manages to evoke all the best aspects of the series (read: not the ballroom scenes). Very reminiscent of Weber’s equally accomplished cover for the eBook edition of The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan.

Recently, TheOctagon, a user on the NeoGAF forums, posted a few dozen screenshots he’s taken from a PC MMORPG he’s playing called Tera. Needless to say, I was absolutely blown away. It’s not often that a videogame will be able to deliver the same level of detail, artistry and lushness of the concept art from which it’s derived, but Tera seems to deliver on all fronts. Simply put, it’s beautiful.

Some of TheOctagon’s screens (and remember, these are real-time gameplay shots, not pre-rendered press release images):

Screenshot of TERA, taken by NeoGAF user TheOctagon Screenshot of TERA, taken by NeoGAF user TheOctagon Screenshot of TERA, taken by NeoGAF user TheOctagon Screenshot of TERA, taken by NeoGAF user TheOctagon Screenshot of TERA, taken by NeoGAF user TheOctagon

I can only imagine the rig necessary to play the game with the graphics settings at such high a level. To learn more about Tera, and apply for the Beta, you can visit the official website.