American Gods by Neil Gaiman

So, uh, this is happening:

Of course, a pilot is just a pilot, and doesn’t necessarily mean that the HBO adaptation of American Gods is any closer to being greenlit than it was last week, or last month, but it’s encouraging to know that Gaiman is so heavily involved. I guess this answers early questions about Gaiman’s involvement in the series.

7 thoughts on “Neil Gaiman is writing an American Gods pilot for HBO”

  1. Andrew Liptak says:

    Yeah – the news broke ages ago that HBO was commissioning a series based on the book. Apparently there’s to be another American Gods book as well?

    But – my understanding is that they’ve already green lot a series, and something like six seasons or something ridiculous like that.

  2. Aidan Moher says:

    From what I understand, the show, or at least the pilot, was confirmed a few months ago, when I posted the original article linked to in the body of this post, but this is the first confirmation that Gaiman himself is writing the pilot. Digging a little deeper, it looks like you’re correct that the series has already been greenlit.

  3. Right. Time for a little cautious optimism here. Some really good shows never get past the pilot phase so here’s to hoping!

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