Mark Chadbourn, author of the Jack of Ravens series, and writing machine (seriously, I don’t think the guy sleeps) has some disheartening news about Solaris:

The Solaris SF/F imprint has been put up for sale by its owner, Games Workshop. Solaris is publishing Lord of Silence in July, and I’m told that publication will still go ahead, as will every book announced up to early 2010.

Hopefully the Solaris, who have been very supportive of A Dribble of Ink from the start, can come out the other end of this even stronger. Best of luck, all!

Best known for his successful Shannara line of novels, Terry Brooks is also the author of several other novels and series often overlooked by his fans. An under appreciated gem in Brooks’ library, the Magic Kingdom of Landover books successfully juxtapose humour and dark fantasy into short, blazingly fast novels.

In preparation for the next volume in the series, A Princess of Landover, Del Rey are releasing the earlier volumes in two omnibus edition. The cover of the first has just been revealed and it’s a beautiful thing, indeed!

The Magic Kingdom of Landover by Terry Brooks

From Brooks’ web site:

Magic Kingdom For Sale—Sold! began a new bestselling series for Terry in 1986. The novel was a vast departure from the three sprawling epic fantasies he had written before it, the story of Chicago lawyer Ben Holiday and his purchasing of a real magic kingdom. Right from the start Terry told his readers Ben Holiday was an alter ego of sorts, as Terry used the fictional character to discuss his transition from lawyer to full-time writer. Terry wrote five volumes about Ben Holiday, his magic kingdom of Landover, and a whole cast of unique characters—the last novel, Witches’ Brew, published in 1995.

After 14 years, Terry has returned to the Magic Kingdom of Landover series with the forthcoming novel, A Princess of Landover!

To celebrate Terry’s August 2009 return to The Magic Kingdom of Landover, Del Rey Books asked artist Steve Stone to create two new pieces of artwork to be used on collected omnibuses of the first five books in the series. The first omnibus, The Magic Kingdom of Landover: Volume I, contains the three novels Magic Kingdom For Sale—Sold!, The Black Unicorn and Wizard At Large. Volume II contains the two novels The Tangle Box and Witches’ Brew.

On April 1st, Del Rey Books and I will send out the first of a new series of monthly Terry Brooks newsletters. The April newsletter will include the covers to Volume II and the new book, A Princess of Landover. Additional newsletters will contain more information, interviews with Terry, several fun contests, excerpts from all the books—and some other surprises!

Good timing, considering The Tangle Box (the fourth volume in the series) is the next novel on my pile of books to be read!

It seems like every other day we hear about how The Wise Man’s Fear (originally supposed to have been released in the Spring of 2008) has been delayed again. It hasn’t even been two years yet since The Name of the Wind was first published, but fans are already getting testy about the delays. Rothfuss has pulled back the curtains a bit on the process and explains why a novel we all thought had been written years ago, is still on the road to being published.

Comic about Patrick Rothfuss Comic about Patrick Rothfuss

Whatever release date you’ve heard for book two is simply untrue. There is no release date because the book isn’t finished yet. I’m working on it right now. Or rather, I would be working on it if I wasn’t writing this blog.

Yeah. It sucks. I wish it was finished too. My life would be really great right now if book two were done.

I’ve been avoiding writing this blog for a while. It’s not fun to write, and it’s not going to be fun for most people to read. The truth is, I’d much rather work on the book.

Hey, what’s this? Rothfuss actually cares about the book as much more than we do? I’ve always been taught that authors are nothing more than particularly articulate machines!
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Abercrombie himself brings news of the first review of his upcoming novel, Best Served Cold. Robert Grant, at Sci-Fi London got an early peak at the follow-up to Abercrombie’s well regarded The First Law trilogy, and wrote a very glowing review.

The cover art for Joe Abercrombie’s Best Served Cold.

As you might guess from the title, Best Served Cold is a tale of revenge. Monzcarro Murcatto,The Snake of Talins, Butcher of Caprille is a mercenary. A bloody good one. Her formidable reputation has been forged in the heat of battle leading the Thousand Swords across Styria, her beloved brother at her side, defeating the League of Eight city-by-city and bringing them under the rule of her ruthlessly ambitious employer, Grand Duke Orso, the man who plans to unite all of Styria under his rule.

This is deep, dark stuff but it’s a mark of that nice Mr. Abercrombie’s talent that he can wrap such complex themes in the kind of rip-roaring adventure that is so utterly compelling that, from the first page, it is impossible to put down.

Best Served Cold is however a standalone novel, still a refreshing change in a genre awash with trilogies, although it does weigh-in at a healthy 644 pages. This is great news for those of you unfamiliar with the world or the characters because you can dive right in and enjoy this tale for what it is without feeling left behind and for fans the authors previous work it’s a thoroughly absorbing way to get your Abercrombie ‘fix’ without having to wait another year to find out what happened next.

Either way you’d be well advised to place your orders now so you’re not disappointed when it finally hits the streets. Me, I’m actually going to read it again. It’s that good.

You can read the whole review HERE.