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The Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski

Though his the first two novels in Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher series, starring Geralt the Witcher, an anti-hero who deserves to sit alongside the likes of Elric of Melibourne, were critically well received when they were published in English for the first time several years ago, and the videogame adaptations based on his series have sold millions of copies, the Polish author has had little luck in negotiating the English publishing and translation rights for the ensuing volumes of Geralt’s saga. That has changed, however, thanks to a group of ardent fans who have recently released their own translations of the books as free downloads for other Geralt fans.

Of course, the legality of this project is somewhat in question, given that the English rights to the stories presumably still belong to Sapkowski and these fan translations are being distributed (again, presumably) without his knowledge. On top of that, these being fan translations, the quality of the writing/translation is likely below the standard of the professional English releases of Sapkowski’s other novels. So ‘buyer’ beware on those two fronts, and I suggest you consider the ethics/legality of the project before downloading the files.

The fan translations can be found on the official forums for The Witcher, the videogame series based off of Sapkowski’s series.