Who Am I?

This is me. I'm a wannabe-author and a moderately successful blogger. I take photos and write short stories. I like long walks on the beach, dinner-by-candlelight and cuddling (see, honey? I can be charming.) I'm a husband and a nerd (ever in that order, for my wife's sake). I live in coffee shops, cafes or any nearby dive that will sell me a drink. I'm a web designer day, a couch-potato romantic by night.

Where I've Worked

In my time, I've worked in-house for Tourism Nanaimo (Web Technician; re-built website from ground-up; designed and launched Facebook page, day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of website), The Vancouver Island University Bookstore (Online Sales & Marketing; processed online orders, maintained and upgraded website, designed and launched Facebook/Twitter campaign and performed various bits of graphic design); as well, I've worked as a contracted freelance employee (in one capacity or another) for Vancouver Island University's Communications & Public Relations department, Calico Cat Tea House, Ballenas High School (SD69), the Nanaimo Entertainment Centre, and many others.

In addition to my work as a web designer, I've done freelance graphic design work (like this, this, or this) for Western Edge Theatre.

Some of my websites include: Tourism Nanaimo, Passport to your City, Bonjour!, and my blog, A Dribble of Ink (more on that later)!

I have also worked for Tor.com, an imprint of Macmillan Ltd. (one of the big, juicy NYC publishers; I guarantee you've read one of their books). My responsibilities there revolved around operating two satellite web presences called Tor.com Fantasy and Tor.com Science Fiction, which are social networking initiatives existing on Facebook, Twitter (@TorDotFantasy and @TorDotSF) and Tor.com that encourage interaction between Tor and its fan base. I also regularly contributed articles and reviews to the Tor.com blog, which is read by thousands of readers every day.

Oh yeah

And, I'm a voracious reader.

My blog

A Dribble of Ink is my baby (until, of course, I have a real child. Then that will be my baby and my blog will be, well... my blog). Since 2007, I've been stumbling my way through literary (erm... well, kinda. If you count elves and rampant specualtion) crticism, articles, interviews and news. Shockingly, people actually read it on a regular basis and I've worked with some of the greatest minds in the specualtive genre (Daniel Abraham, N.K. Jemisin, Brandon Sanderson, Brent Weeks, and the list goes on...). In 2009, I was nominated for Best Speculative Fiction Blog by the Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Started on a whim, A Dribble of ink has opened doors I'd never even dreamed of. If you're into nerdy stuff. Stop by, I'd appreciate it.

The fun stuff

Five mildly interesting (but completely irrelevant) things about me:

And that's me!

Neat, huh? You can also find me on twitter (@adribbleofink).