NASCENCE by Tobias Buckell

What is Nascence? In Buckell’s own words:

I’ve written 145 or so short stories and sold 45 of them. It took me the better part of 100 stories to start selling them. I often get asked about those 100 ‘trunked’ stories (that’s what many of us call stories we’ve retired). The truth is, I’ve not found much value in them, or attempting to rewrite them.

But as a way of talking about how I learned to write stories that now sell, and in terms of explaining the evolution of what I was writing, they make for an interesting journey.

While I wouldn’t want to just plop those stories out onto an unsuspecting public, the idea of a curated look at the stories, what they taught me, and how I learned from them over 15 years of writing, I thought a very cool collection could be assembled.

I don’t talk of my own writing very often, but my own place as an aspiring writer is at the heart of my interest in this recently released collection of short fiction from Tobias Buckell. You see, just a few months ago, I began to play the submit-a-short-story-and-wait-endlessly-before-having-your-heart-ground-to-dust-beneath-the-heels-of-evil-evil-short-fiction-editors game. Sounds fun, no? But being able to read about the experiences of an established author like Buckell is exactly the type of motivation and extra shove I need to remind myself that it’s not worth curling up in a corner and crying. It teaches me that these stories I’m busting my balls on might not sell. Probably won’t sell, I suppose. But there’s something of value in the creation of them, whether they find an audience or not.

You see, Buckell’s a good writer. A damn good writer. But, even with a few novels and award nominations under his belt, he’s still humble enough to admit and speak eloquently about his ‘failures’. But, as I’m sure Buckell examines in the collection, is it really a failure if it teaches you something that helps you succeed in the future?

Sure, they’re stories that’ve been rejected and ‘trunked’, but who cares? Whether you’re an aspiring short fiction writer like myself, looking for inspiration; or a voracious reader of short fiction, Science Fiction or Fantasy, Buckell’s collection of stories is sure to offer something of value.

You can find out more about Nascence or purchase a copy HERE.

3 thoughts on “An Aside | NASCENCE by Tobias Buckell”

  1. Dave Wagner says:

    Excellent premise. I’mma go buy it now. Thx for posting this.

  2. craig hallam says:

    Man, do I understand this sentiment or what? This is a really good signpost, I’ll be sure to add it to my reading list. Cheers!


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