Shawn Speakman, that aspiring writer and terrific blogger, just posted the prologue to his current work-in-progress, The Dagda King.

Shawn explains the drive behind the story on his blog:

The Dagda King, which is a reference to the king of the British Isles Celtic gods, is an urban fantasy that takes place 1/3 in the homeless burrows of Seattle, 1/3 in the fey world of Avalon, and 1/3 inside the 108 acre confines of Vatican City in Rome. I already have two sequels very loosely outlined as well.

My main protagonist is an adult male—breaking away from the young protagonist motif that litters epic fantasy. Other point of view characters include a homeless “knight” in the dregs of his life, a Cardinal who is part of a secret society known as the Vigilo, Merlin in what I hope will be a very interesting take on a very old character, and an 18th century British second royal son who believes much is owed him after 300 years of doing his father’s bidding. I’ll get to discuss religious extremism, faith in oneself as well as in others, and the hardship and great things that come with being part of two different worlds. I’m excited about it, as you can probably tell, and I think it is a story people will enjoy.

Of course, the most fun part of this will be the Celtic mythology in the fey world. I am taking all of those gods and goddesses and weaving them into the story while remaining faithful to their origins. I think it will be this that draws interest from people, but time will tell.

If you’re interested, you can head over to his WEBSITE and download the prologue for yourself!