Earlier this year La Gringa, muse over at The Swivet and new literary agent with FinePoint Literary Management, sent out a press kit promoting David Keck’s first novel, In The Eye of Heaven, and its sequel, In a Time of Treason, and several of us who received the packages decided to get together and do a group interview with Keck. I think many of you (Malazan fans especially) will be interested to find out about the strong connection between Keck and Steven Erikson.

Much love goes out to David Keck, La Gringa, Robert (from Fantasy Book Critic), Tia (from Fantasy Debut) and Graeme (from Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review) for all the hard work in putting together what turned out to be a great interview.

I’m eagerly looking forward to reading David’s first novel, In The Eye of Heaven soon, so keep an eye out for a review somewhere down the road. If you’re interested in getting your hands on signed copies of David’s novels, be sure to head HERE to enter Tia’s giveaway for a chance to win one of two sets!

You can find the full interview (which I fully encourage you to read!) over at Fantasy Book Critic or by clicking HERE.