By now, most fans of the work, will know that Brandon Sanderson, author of Mistborn, was chosen to complete the final volume of Robert Jordan’s magnum opus, The Wheel of Time. Luckily for us, over at his blog, Sanderson has been detailing his travels as he rereads the first 11 novels in the cycle.

It’s interesting to read the thoughts of someone who is both a fan and, literally, and author of the works. This obviously requires him to tackle the reread in a slightly different manner than most readers and some of his thoughts on the earlier volumes are quite interesting. If anything his comments as he rereads has settled any concerns I might have had that the final volume wouldn’t be handled correctly. He seems determined to stay true to what Jordan originally envisioned and I feel confident that Sanderson will be able to handle the job as well as any author out there.

If you’re a fan of Jordan’s work and find yourself a little skeptical about the final volume, then take the time to look over Sanderson’s blog and maybe he’ll be able to allay some of those fears.

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