Crystal Rain by Tobias BuckellA couple of weeks ago there was a lot of discussion about reviews, their purpose and how best to write one. A lot of bloggers popped in (especially over at Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist and OF Blog of the Fallen) and left their ideas about how they wrote reviews and how they thoughts others could improve.

It was all well and good… except for the fact that it was a bunch of bloggers telling each other how to blog without much input from the people who’s opinions really matter: the readers. So, leave it to Tobias Buckell (INTERVIEW), author of Crystal Rain (REVIEW) and Ragamuffin, to come up with a novel approach to the subject…

He asked – wait for it – his readers!

No endless dissertation on what he wants in reviews. No lamentations on the state of online SFF journalism. Just three simple questions:

What do you look for in a book review?

Who are some of your favorite book reviewers?

Do you buy books based on book reviews? Or only be specific reviewers?

It sparked some interesting discussion in the comments section and is definitely worth a look for any bloggers, readers or writers. While you’re at it, why not leave your own $.02? What do you appreciate in a review?

You can find the whole discussion HERE.