Bloodheir by Brian RuckleyBrian Ruckley, author of Winterbirth, recently released an excerpt from his upcoming novel, Bloodheir. Bloodheir is the second book in The Godless World trilogy and the early reviews have been good (Chris the Book Swede, Grasping for the Wind, Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist), and it seems that Brian won’t let down fans of the first novel!

Brian also announced that the title of the final novel in the trilogy will be Fall of Thanes. Say one thing for Brian Ruckley, say he can come up with some great titles!

Brian and I are currently in the midst of working on an interview right now that I’m sure you’ll all find interesting and fun! Instead of the normal process of just sending Brian a bunch of questions, he and I are going to have more of a back and forth conversation about writing, the industry, cover art and everything in between. We’re hoping this will keep us away from the typical questions that he’s already answered in many other interviews.

In the meantime, though, you can find the prologue to Bloodheir HERE.

You can also watch a clip of Brian reading from Bloodheir HERE!

  • Chris (The Book Swede) May 30, 2008 at 2:03 am

    Thanks for the mention, and I’m really looking forward to your interview now :) Fall of Thanes … now that is one cool title!

    The Book Swede

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  • aidan May 31, 2008 at 10:48 am

    Definitely a cool title, Chris. I’m making sure to tackle the subject of titles with Brian in our discussion/interview.