Subterranean Press just announced that they’re working on a new project with James Blaylock, author of many classic novels that you’ve never heard of – The Last Coin, The Paper Grail – and illustrated by none other than good buddy (and also author of many classics that you probably haven’t read – The Anubis Gates, The Drawing of the Dark, On Stranger Tides.

We’ve got a new James P. Blaylock project in the works — with our designer at the moment, in fact — illustrated by his friend and compatriot Tim Powers, with a meddlesome afterword by William Ashbless.

…Metamorphosis: three stories, each one involving a man who discovers that he has come to dwell, for an hour or for a lifetime, in a house and in a mind not quite his own. Each one opens doors onto rooms of illusion, radiance, regret, and dark enchantment. Welcome to the stories of three young writers, stories written in collaboration with James P. Blaylock. Welcome to the borderland of illusion and reality.

Why should you care? Because Tim Powers and James Blaylock – who, when paired together, meld into the enigmatic William Ashbless – might just be the best authors you’ve never heard of. If you’re curious, pick up any one of the novels I mentioned earlier and be prepared for a treat.

  • Carol De Priest December 8, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    What’s the name of the book, & when will it be published?