There’s some exciting news out of Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist, as it looks like Patrick St. Denis, (relative) veteran blogger and bigtime Steven Erikson fan, will have a hand in the upcoming Limited Edition publication of Erikson’s Gardens of the Moon.

In other news, guess who’s going to pen the flap copy of the Subterranean Press limited edition of Erikson’s Gardens of the Moon!?! Yep, Yours Truly!

So if the gorgeous art by Michael Komarck wasn’t enough, now you’ll have a 200-250-word story blurb from me to look forward to!

Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson

Exciting for Pat, to be sure, but this is also a great step forward for bloggers and goes to show that what we’re doing can have a positive effect on the industry!

A big congrats to Pat! My envy burns very brightly indeed….