As a huge Tim Powers fan, this just tickles my fancy. PS Publishing has announced plans for the upcoming biography of Tim Powers, written by John Berlyne.

The official press release:

Powers: Secret Histories

First off the bat, we’re delighted that at long last we’re able to announce Powers: Secret Histories, John Berlyne’s extensively researched and lavishly produced collection of Tim Powers material. Click through on the image above to see the cover art at a much larger size!

A book that essentially redefines the term ‘bibliography,’ Secret Histories has been nearly ten years in the making and brings together an astonishing range of Powers ephemera – a huge treat and a remarkable resource for both fans and collectors alike. As well as a complete, illustrated reference of every Tim Powers book published to date, Secret Histories offers an extraordinary insight into the stories behind the stories, collecting together in a single volume Powers material previously seen only in private collections. Here – in print for the very first time – you’ll find poetry, drawings, research and plotting notes, novel outlines, early drafts, out-takes and an excerpt from the author’s unpublished 1974 novel, To Serve in Hell.

Supporting these riches are story notes and commentary by Powers himself and you’ll also find articles and essays from collaborators, friends and renowned Powers aficionados including Dean Koontz, Jim Blaylock, China Miéville, Karen Joy Fowler, John Bierer, John Berlyne and William Ashless. Powers: Secret Histories is an unprecedented bibliographic tribute celebrating the work of a truly extraordinary writer.

We’ll be issuing three editions of this oversized hardcover, all printed in glorious full colour and all dust-jacketed:

* a limited numbered state, signed by Powers – 1,000 numbered copies @ £40.00;
* a slipcased state, signed by all contributors, and issued with an additional book — an incomplete and previously unpublished novel written by Powers in the early seventies entitled The Waters Deep, Deep, Deep. Only available as part of this package, The Waters, Deep, Deep, Deep will be signed by Powers and will feature unique cover art and internal illustrations by him, as well as both an introduction and afterword – 200 copies @ £195.00;
* and, to reflect Powers’s considerable caché as a collectable author, we’re also offering a deluxe, lettered edition which will be as the above slipcased state but with an exceptionally significant additional item. Tim has given us exclusive permission to reproduce a full colour facsimile edition of his original handwritten manuscript of The Anubis Gates, complete with doodles, crossings out, dog-eared corners and even coffee stains! Only twenty-six copies of this facsimile, signed by Powers and individually lettered, will be available as part of this deluxe three book, specially slipcased edition.. an incredible item that offers a unique insight into the history of this much-loved, modern-day, time-travel classic. – 26 copies @ £495.00.

The books are all finished design-wise. We’re currently getting the various tip sheets signed and the slipcase company is working on the elaborate creations we’ve devised to house the books. I now feel confident to announce that, as per our plans, we’ll have copies available for EasterCon next March – where Tim is Guest of Honour. We should, however, point out that, judging from interest we’ve had from people over the last few years with regard to this long-awaited project, the top two editions are likely to be sold out on pre-order.

Certainly something that any fan of Powers’ work should be excited for! You can check out my recent review of Powers’ The Drawing of the Dark HERE.

EDIT: Originally I had stated that Subterannean Press was publishing this biography. It’s since been brought to my attention that I had the facts crossed and it is, in fact, my good friends PS Publishing that is putting the book out. Sorry guys!

  • John Berlyne October 29, 2008 at 4:29 am

    Just to clarify, Aiden, the publisher is British premier small press, PS Publishing, NOT Subterranean. I’d be extremely grateful if you’d post a correction so that the correct information gets out and about. But thanks too for your very kind comments about the project!!



  • Rob B October 29, 2008 at 4:49 am


    That cover has PS Publishing logo on the spine.


  • aidan October 29, 2008 at 9:27 am


    Thanks guys. Maybe blogging from abroad isn’t exactly the best idea. I don’t know how that happened.


    And John, greatly looking forward to the project!