Over on his blog, Joe’s released a near final version of the cover art for his upcoming stand alone, Best Served Cold

The cover art for Joe Abercrombie’s Best Served Cold.

Continuing in the tradition of his previous novels, Best Served Cold doesn’t disappoint with its cover art. Gollancz has certainly been on their game with Joe’s novels.

Even Joe loves the cover:

In case you’re wondering, I fricking love it. I feel that it expands on the tone set by the previous covers, and establishes something of a unique identity for the books as a whole – a brand, even – which has got to be a good thing. It communicates a lot about the feel and the content – and a real sense of action and violence – without straying into the difficult ground of literal cover art. It manages to be classy and pulpy at once. I think overall the covers achieve the extremely difficult trick of being entirely un-generic, striking, and standing out from the crowd of fantasy artwork while at the same time not seeming to be deliberately NOT FANTASY. I think that’s what fantasy covers need to try and achieve, these days, ideally – to not alienate the hardcore fantasy fan while still appealing to the more occasional reader.

And the full wrap around:

The full wrap around cover for Best Served Cold.

Click HERE for a bigger version.

Also on the web site, is a short blurb about the book:

Monzcarro Murcatto is the most infamous mercenary in Styria, a land blighted by war and corruption. Left for dead by her employer, Grand Duke Orso, she recruits a band of outcasts, misfits, and killers to aid her in a quest for vengeance. One way or another, there will be blood.

Considering how much I loved Joe’s other novels, this certainly has my interest piqued!