The Ancient by R.A. Salvatore

As a big fan of Salvatore’s DemonWars novels, it saddens me to name The Ancient by R.A. Salvatore as the lamest novel I finished all year. It completely misses the point of what made the early novels so damn good and was a huge letdown after its predesscor, The Highwayman. There’s not much more to be said (that isn’t in my review) except that I hope the next novel in the cycle, The Dame, can get things back on track.

Read my full review (if you dare) HERE.

  • TK42ONE January 5, 2009 at 10:36 am

    You know, I’ve long been a Salvatore fan. I was even in the original fan club in the 80s. But reading this made me glad that I had moved on to more “grown-up” books (despite being a grown-up for some time now). It was NOT what I wanted to read and was way off base with what I’d expect from him. Of course, I’ve been spoiled now by Rothfuss, Abercrombie, and many others.