Terry Brook’s official web site has a look at the (mediocre) cover art for the UK edition of the upcoming 6th novel in Brooks’ successful Magic Kingdom of Landover series.

A Princess of Landover by Terry Brooks

Princess Mistaya Holiday hasn’t been fitting in too well at Carrington Women’s Preparatory. People don’t seem to appreciate her using her magic to settle matters in the human world. So when she summons a dragon to teach a lesson to the snotty school bully, she finds herself suspended. But Mistaya couldn’t care less – she wants nothing more than to continue her studies under Questor the court magician and Abernathy the court scribe. However, her father Ben Holiday, the King of Landover, has rather different plans in mind for her. He thinks he’ll teach her about perseverance and compromise by sending her to renovate Libiris, the long-abandoned royal library. How horribly dull. But before long, Mistaya will long for the boredom of cataloguing an unfeasible number of derelict books – for deep within the library there lies a secret so dangerous that it threatens the future of Landover itself …

Though not for everyone, Brooks’ Landover books are a nice change of pace from the normal Epic Fantasy. A nice mix of dark, contemporary fantasy and lighthearted secondary world fantasy, the Landover books are a decent choice for anyone looking for a quick, easy read.

  • Seth March 23, 2009 at 1:40 pm

    I’m looking forward to this one. I’ve only read the first two Landover books, but overall I like them better than his Shannara books. Although more light-hearted in tone, I find the characters more vivid and engaging. Guess I need to catch up on the series before this comes out.

  • […] I love it. Simple, I suppose, but the colours really seal the deal for me. Steve Stone’s artwork can be hit or miss when it comes to Fantasy covers, but this one works for me. Much better than the bland UK Cover art. […]