Yet another gorgeous cover stolen from the Pyr Blog:

Geosynchron by David Louis Edelman

The Defense and Wellness Council is enmeshed in full-scale civil war between Len Borda and the mysterious Magan Kai Lee. Quell has escaped from prison and is stirring up rebellion in the Islands with the aid of a brash young leader named Josiah. Jara and the apprentices of the Surina/Natch MultiReal Fiefcorp still find themselves fighting off legal attacks from their competitors and from Margaret Surina’s unscrupulous heirs — even though MultiReal has completely vanished.

The quest for the truth will lead to the edges of civilization, from the tumultuous society of the Pacific Islands to the lawless orbital colony of 49th Heaven; and through the deeps of time, from the hidden agenda of the Surina family to the real truth behind the Autonomous Revolt that devastated humanity hundreds of years ago.

Meanwhile, Natch has awakened in a windowless prison with nothing but a haze of memory to clue him in as to how he got there. He’s still receiving strange hallucinatory messages from Margaret Surina and the nature of reality is buckling all around him. When the smoke clears, Natch must make the ultimate decision — whether to save a world that has scorned and discarded him, or to save the only person he has ever loved: himself.

Edelman’s trilogy has been on my radar since the release of the first novel, Infoquake, and I’ve been waiting anxiously for the final volume to be released so I can jump on in. As usual for Edelman’s covers, Geosynchron is graced by another beautiful painting by Stephan Martiniere, who’s quickly becoming one of my favourite SF artists out there.

  • sean April 29, 2009 at 11:46 pm

    sorry to post the first post and go offtopic on you, Aidan, BUUUUUUUUT.

    how goes the book? Has it stalled out? Or have you simply not updated in awhile. Hope you’re doing well and that (in order of best to worst)

    a) you are kicking ass on the book but haven’t had time to update

    b) life is so awesome and full that you haven’t had time to work on your book much, but have utilized this time for valuable brainstorming/sorting out.

    c) If its not a or b, that you’ve just been too lazy to work like you know you should (not much of a reprimand b/c i’m in a boat that combo’s b and c except that my life is filled with more work than awesomeness, lol) and that the lack of updates isn’t due to any negativity in your life :D

    Neways, even without updates on mightier than the sword, wanted to let you know that altho i don’t post much, i still enjoy lurking on here, and appreciate all your work and effort on the site. Thanks, Aidan,

    Sean B.

  • Alexander Field April 30, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    Cover art is amazing…but I’m also interested in the book update Aidan…would love to hear about it! : )

  • aidan May 2, 2009 at 11:57 am

    Hey guys, I don’t like to talk about Through Bended Grass very much here, but a small update won’t hurt!

    The answer is A. Progress on the novel has been moving at a nice clip (at least up until about a week ago, when real life got in the way) and the end line is in sight. I’m currently working on chapter 24 of 28, so only about 15-20k words to go and the first draft will be done. My goal is to have it finished by the summer so that I can spend a month or two editing it, letting me bring a readable version with me to a writers conference I often attend in Surrey, BC.

    The story is coming along even better than I had anticipated and I’m damn eager to get to the end and see what fireworks fly! On top of all of this, I’ve got another idea brewing that I’ll tackle after Through Bended Grass. Exciting stuff!

    I’ll try to update my other blog sometime soon with some more in-depth information about the book.

    Thanks for the interest, guys!