I loooooooooove Tad Williams and was excited to see that someone dug around his web site and found a 97-page sneak peak at his upcoming YA novel, The Dragons of Ordinary Farm.

The Dragons of Ordinary Farm by Tad Williams and Deborah Beale

Tyler and Lucinda have to spend summer vacation with their ancient uncle Gideon, a farmer. They think they’re in for six weeks of cows, sheep, horses, and pigs. But when they arrive in deserted Standard Valley, California, they discover that Ordinary Farm is, well, no ordinary farm.

The bellowing in the barn comes not from a cow but from a dragon. The thundering herd in the valley? Unicorns. Uncle Gideon’s sprawling farmhouse never looks the same twice. Plus, there’s a flying monkey, a demon squirrel, and a barnload of unlikely farmhands with strange accents and even stranger powers.

At first, the whole place seems like a crazy adventure. But when darker secrets begin to surface and Uncle Gideon and his fabulous creatures are threatened, Lucinda and Tyler have to pull together to take action. Will two ordinary kids be able to save the dragons, the farm – and themselves?

Should be a good, fun way to kill some time before the final volume of his Shadowmarch trilogy. You can find the PDF HERE.

Thanks to Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist for the heads up!

  • Texcap May 28, 2009 at 10:43 am

    I was glad to stumble upon this particular “free readin'” excerpt last week as well. I still haven’t had a chance to ‘crack the cover’ as it were but hopefully I’ll be able to remedy that early next week. I’m really looking forward to this one so I’ve got a lot of high hopes for those first few chapters.

  • Olaf June 5, 2009 at 2:55 am

    Tad Williams presents THE DRAGONS OF ORDINARY FARM