Nicked from the Pyr Blog:

The Office of Shadows by Matthew Sturges

Here’s the cover for my next novel, The Office of Shadow, the sequel to Midwinter. It continues the story of the struggle between the Seelie Kingdom of Queen Titania and the Empire of Mab. It’s a story of high adventure and espionage in Faerie; if Midwinter was “The Dirty Dozen with elves,” then this is “The Sandbaggers with Elves.” That fellow on the cover is Silverdun, Mauritane’s stalwart companion from Midwinter, and the young lady with him is Sela, a new character with an extremely weird and troubled past.

I’m not sure about that title, but more nice art from Chris McGrath is always a good thing. I supposes I could do without the incredibly sultry look from that one fellow, though. It’s also nice to see Pyr keeping the style consistent with Sturges first book, Midwinter.