David Anthony Durham’s Acacia: The War with the Mein was released a couple of years ago to some pretty significant acclaim from critics and fans (read my review HERE). He’s also the reigning John W. Campbell Award winner, having just raked in the award at this year’s WorldCon.

It comes as no surprise, then, that the next novel in his Acacia series, set to release on September 15th, is gathering hype. Lucky for those who’re looking for something to whet their appetite, Durham has released an excerpt, giving us a look at Chapter One of The Other Lands.

The Other Lands by David Anthony Durham

Several years have passed since the demise of Hanish Mein. Corinn Akaran rules with an iron grip on the Known World’s many races. She hones her skills in sorcery by studying The Book of Elenet, and she dotes on her young son, Aaden – Hanish’s child – raising him to be her successor. Mena Akaran, still the warrior princess she became fighting the eagle god Maeben, has been battling the monsters released by the Santoth’s corrupted magic. In her hunt she discovers a creature wholly unexpected, one that awakens emotions in her she has long suppressed. And Dariel Akaran, once a brigand of the Outer Isles, has devoted his labors to rebuilding the ravaged empire brick by brick. Each of the Akaran royals is finding their way in the post-war world. But the queen’s peace is difficult to maintain, and things are about to change.

When the League brings news of upheavals in the Other Lands, Corinn sends Dariel across the Grey Slopes as her emissary. From the moment he sets foot on that distant continent, he finds a chaotic swirl of treachery, ancient grudges, intrigue and exoticism. He comes face to face with the slaves his empire has long sold into bondage. His arrival ignites a firestorm that once more puts the Known World in threat of invasion. A massive invasion. One that dwarfs anything the Akarans have yet faced…

You can find the excerpt on Durham’s (newly redesigned) website or a direct link to the PDF (right click + save) HERE.

  • edifanob September 2, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    I have been impressed by ACACIA. Power and Betrayal is the subtitle of the German edition.
    And to be honest it is a book about power, betrayal, faith and vengeance.
    After reading this book you start to think about the real world. You will find a lot of similarities which is scary…..

    I look forward to read The Other Lands.

    Beside this I’m a bit confused by the cover. The cover of The Other Land and the cover of the German paperback of Acacia are the same!!!