GameSetWatch has details on an upcoming videogame based on The Dark Tower series by Stephen King:

Following its well-received comic book adaptations, Stephen King’s beloved The Dark Tower book series is expanding further to another new media form — video games. According to a video posted on the author’s site, a new project titled Discordia will debut on November 30th.

Those expecting an action title that has Roland firing away at Mutant lobsters or an RPG taking your Ka-tet across All-World will likely be disappointed, as the project looks like an online interactive game (my guess) centered around the Tet Corporation’s secret war with North Central Positronics and Sombra Corporation, both companies under control by Insomnia/The Dark Tower villain Crimson King.

The game also focuses on a new character, NCP’s CEO Arina Yokova, a Russian national with mob ties and the leader of the Crimson Crescent. While the posted trailer doesn’t indicate whether the books’ heroes — Roland, Susannah, Eddie, and Jake (and Oy!) — will act as playable characters in the game, their portraits appear briefly in the clip.

Whatever releases this November, it will probably be the first in a series, as suggested by the “Chapter One (For Callahan!)” note toward the end of the trailer.

Robin Furth, King’s personal research assistant and the author of The Dark Tower: A Complete Concordance, is listed as director for the game, which is promising considering she also worked on the comic book adaptations with Peter David. Metro DMA is handling Discordia’s production.

And some images taken from the video on King’s website:

Screencap from Discordia by Stephen King Screencap from Discordia by Stephen King Screencap from Discordia by Stephen King

From the looks of it, and the short turn-around between announcement and release, one has to expect it’ll be a free online, Flash-based game, but it still seems like it might be worth keeping an eye on for fans of the series. Furth being involved, and it being announced loudly on King’s website, it has the potential to be another nice addition to the Dark Tower universe.