The Dark Eyes' War by David B. CoeI’m a big fan of David B. Coe’s The LonTobyn Chronicle. I read them years ago, and haven’t really kept up with Coe’s work since, but I look back on them fondly, particularily the blend of Hard Science Fiction and High Fantasy found in The Outlanders. I always tell myself I’ll get around to reading the rest of his books one day.

For those who have kept up with Coe’s latest releases, you can find a three chapter excerpt from his upcoming novel, The Dark Eyes’ War, on his website (via Fantasy Book News & Reviews).

He was being hunted. Somehow he had become their prey, like the rilda that grazed on this plain. Except slower. So much slower.

Stam Corfej had been peddling his wares among the Fal’Borna for the better part of eight fours; more than half a lifetime. He knew as well as anyone how hard the white-haired sorcerers of the Central Plain could be. He’d bargained with them, been threatened by them, been called a cheat and a dark-eye bastard and worse. More than once he’d considered giving up on the Qirsi and returning to his native Aelea. A peddler could do well in the Mountain Nation, perhaps not inland, but along her rocky shores, in Redcliff or Yorl.

But it had never taken him long to dismiss the idea of returning to the sovereignty. Whatever gold he might make in Eandi territory he could double and then some trading among the Fal’Borna. He knew the tastes of the golden-skinned clan. He knew their ways, and he knew how to best them in a negotiation.

And while he didn’t particularly like the white-hairs, he had never felt threatened by them. At least not until now.

Along with The Dark Eyes’ War, you can find samples of Coe’s other books HERE.

  • Jeff C November 4, 2009 at 1:08 pm

    Aidan..I would definitely give his Winds of the Forelands series a shot. I think its the best of hist 3 series thus far.

  • aidan November 4, 2009 at 1:13 pm

    Good to hear. Originally I was waiting for the Winds of the Forelands to be published in full… and then by the time it was, it had fallen off my radar. I think I have the first book lying around somewhere.

    What would you say the strengths of Coe as a storyteller?