From the twitter of Deborah Beale, Williams’ wife:

SHADOWHEART is scheduled for hardcover release in November, simultaneous with the trade paperback for S’rise….

Great news! Originally Shadowrise and Shadowheart were meant to be one volume. But, in traditional Tad Williams fashion, it got too damn long and the trilogy found itself as a tetralogy. Given that they’re written, it’s nice to see DAW releasing the final two volumes of the series so near to each other, rather than shoving Shadowheart into 2011 due to scheduling concerns. It’s certainly a good year for Tad Williams fans.

  • PeterWilliam February 24, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    Yes it is. Two, big, new, shiny, Tad Williams hardcovers. Time to prepare their new homes on my “Favorites Shelf,” on the mantle above the fireplace.