Suvudu Cage MatchesSpawned from geeky twitter conversations that pit famous fantasy characters in a battle to the death, Suvudu has created a full-fledged Cage Match bracket to determine, once and for all, the biggest badass in the genre.

Suvudu was kind enough to contact me and extend me the responsibility of handling two of the fights. With tongue firmly in cheek, I came up with profiles, special attacks and a predicted outcome, written in the form of a quick story. I hope you’ll have as much fun reading my scenarios as I had writing them. I’ve already managed to piss off a large contingent of Terry Goodkind fans…. Oops.

Some matchups include: Rand al’Thor vs. Locke Lamora, Raistlin vs. Ender, Roland of Gilead vs. Elric and Jaime Lannister vs. Hermione Granger.

My cage matches:

You can find the full bracket (with links to each of the fights) HERE.

So go get voting!