Kraken by China Mieville (UK Edition)

The sea is full of saints. You know that? You know that: you’re a big boy.

The sea’s full of saints and it’s been full of saints for years. Since longer than anything. Saints were there before there were even gods. They were waiting for them, and they’re still there now.

Saints eat fish and shellfish. Some of them catch jellyfish and some of them eat rubbish. Some saints eat anything they can find. They hide under rocks; they turn themselves inside out; they spit up spirals. There’s nothing saints don’t do.

Make this shape with your hands. Like that. Move your fingers. There, you made a saint. Look out, here comes another one! Now they’re fighting! Yours won.

There aren’t any big corkscrew saints any more, but there are still ones like sacks and ones like coils, and ones like robes with flapping sleeves. What’s your favourite saint? I’ll tell you mine. But wait a minute, first, do you know what it is makes them all saints? They’re all a holy family, they’re all cousins. Of each other, and of . . . you know what else they’re cousins of?

That’s right. Of gods.

Alright now. Who was it made you? You know what to say.

Who made you?

Thanks to Speculative Horizons for the tip.

I was first introduced to China Mieville with The City & The City, a novel I never reviewed, but only barely missed my Top 5 of 2009 list. A slim, quick novel, The City & The City gave me a taste of Mieville’s writing and left me wanting more. All said, I’m greatly looking forward to Kraken, a novel turned in to Mieville’s publisher at around the same time as The City & The City, which, by all signs, looks to be Mieville’s most accessible novel yet (outside Un Lun Dun, his Young Adult novel, perhaps).

Mieville’s best know for his New Crobuzon novels (including Perdido Street Station and The Scar), but, as The City & The City proved, it’s always interesting to have his eye for weirdness aimed at the world we live in.

You can read the sample of Kraken HERE.

  • N. R. Alexander March 8, 2010 at 9:38 am

    Can’t wait!

    I know that’s not a terribly constructive thing to say, but I can’t!