Tengwar, by JRR Tolkien & Marcin Przybys

Now, this is just too cool. Marcin Przybys, a graphic designer, decided to take Tolkien’s Tengwar, an Elvish script he created for his novels, and update it for modern times. The results are gorgeous.

Tengwar, by JRR Tolkien & Marcin Przybys

This project is a kind of playing with typography.

J.R.R. Tolkien created new race – Elves with their language, culture and stylish alphabet. But did you ever imagine that the Elves evolve to present time ? Would they have their own Helvetica ? How their „Hengwar” typeface would develop?

I made two modern elvish „Tengwar” typfaces (Tengwar New Light and Tengwar New Bold).

You can check out more example of the font, and a breakdown of all the characters, on Przybys’ blog.