Well, it’s official. I’ve joined the team over at the inestimable SF Signal, a blog that needs no introduction. John DeNardo, the mastermind behind SF Signal was kind enough to approach me and see if I’d be interested in joining them. I jumped at the opportunity.

You won’t be surprised to find out that John’s asked me, along with the wonderful Jeff Patterson, to help increase the art coverage on SF Signal, a position I hope to use as a venue to promote many of my favourite artists, both established and upcoming. Also, it looks like I’ll be taking over the reins of the famous Book Cover Smackdowns; so, if you’ve got any covers or artists you think are particularly great, let me know!

The SF Signal Podcast

One of the other big draws for me is the SF Signal Podcast. I’ve been a big fan of the podcast since it launched, and being a contributor means I’ll have the chance to join the rest of the crew each week. Talk about a fanboy moment.

What does this mean for A Dribble of Ink? Well, besides more exposure, not much. I won’t be changing the format much at all; if anything, it’ll open up doors to bring more great content to the blog. I also plan to port most of the content and articles I post over at SF Signal to A Dribble of Ink after a suitable amount of time, so even if you don’t read SF Signal (seriously, though, you should!), you’ll still be able to read almost everything I write.

In the meantime, you can check out my first article, On Genre Diversity (Or, Why Mark Charan Newton Was Right), a response to Mark Charan Newton’s call for bloggers to diversify their reading habits.