Spellwright by Blake Charlton (Hilarious French Edition)

Oh my.

Now, France has been producing some sublime cover art over the past few years (see what I mean?)… but this is not one of them.

I guess they got the book right—there’s a grimoire or two in the novel that are rather important to the plot; but casting a smoke shrouded, over-aged children’s entertainer in hooker eye shadow as (assumedly) Nicodemus, Dyslexic Wizard Extraordinaire? Not so much. Charlton actually points out that in France Spellwright is being marketed as a YA novel, which explains some of the cover’s kitsch (and is actually a decent idea from a marketing perspective, given the strengths of the novel), but, still, it’s good for a chuckle.

If you’re interested, Charlton talks about the French cover, plus shows off the UK paperback cover, over on his blog.