Jon Snow from the comic adaptation of GRRM's A SONG OF ICE AND FIRERevealed on GRRM’s blog, to coincide with the release of HBO’s television adaptation of his A Song of Ice and Fire will be a comic book adaptation. It seems crazy, frankly, given the depth and complexity of the novels, but I’m comforted to see that friend-of-the-blog Daniel Abraham is scripting and adapting the comics. Few authors have Abraham’s ability to pack a lot of action and story into a small space. Not only is Abraham a fantastic writer, he’s also close friends with GRRM, which should ensure a good line of communication between the original source material and the adaptation. Abraham’s already adapted several of Martin’s other novels into comic books.

Martin on the release date:

The first issue of the monthly comic is scheduled to be published by Dynamite Entertainment in late spring 2011. The graphic novel compilations will be published by Bantam.

And the artist:

Tommy’s previous credits include FARSCAPE for Boom! Studios, the movie adaptation THE WARRIORS for Dynamite Entertainment, and TALES FROM WONDERLAND, THE WHITE KNIGHT, RED ROSE, and STINGERS from Zenescope Entertainment. He holds a BS in Studio Art and also works as a graphic designer. Patterson lives in Western Kentucky with his wife and daughter.

Of course, now this just adds fuel to the GRRM-should-be-chained-to-his-chair-until-he-finishes-A Dream of Spring crowd. For those of us who are a little more optimistic, and enjoyed the comic book adaptations of The Hedge Knight and The Sworn Sword, this should be another fun way to experience Martin’s Westeros.