From Blastr:

A modern timeline of THE LORD OF THE RINGS

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I’ve confessed a few times about my love affair with geek culture crossing paths with modern graphic design. This timeline of The Lord of the Rings is no exception.

From Blastr:

This infographic, created by JT Fridsma and posted on Fast Company’s Co.Design, tracks the appearance and journey of each of Lord of the Rings’ main characters on a minute-by-minute basis. It also plots their courses on a map. The result is a sparse yet striking image.

In “reality,” it took J.R.R. Tolkien three books (plus appendices) to chronicle Frodo and friends’ journeys from Hobbiton to Mordor, which, according to more exacting fans, took five and a half months.

From the Fast Company’s Co Design website:

Okay, we admit it: Here at Co.Design, we’re Tolkien geeks. Like straight up read-the-Silmarillion-grew-up-playing-the-RPG Tolkien geeks. So it’s with a flutter of nerd love that we introduce today’s IGOTD, created by University of Florida student JT Fridsma: A minute-by-minute plotting of the various scenes and parallel plots in Peter Jackson’s film adaptation.

Like all good art, I’d love to print this out and stick it on the wall of my office. Lovely stuff.