No, I won’t ramble about my thoughts on the finale (I liked it more than most people, though it was littered with problems and proved that Lindelof and Cuse had no friggin’ clue what was happening through most of the series), but instead I’ll point you to this wonderful pixellized rendition of 108 of Lost‘s most prominent characters.

108 characters from LOST

Included are:

ROW ONE: Jack / Locke / Kate / Sawyer / Hurley / Sayid / Jin / Sun / Ben / Juliet / Charlie / Claire w.Aaron

ROW TWO: Richard / Desmond / Penny / Michael / Vincent / Walt / Boone / Shannon / Faraday / Charlotte / Miles / Frank / Rose / Bernard

ROW THREE: Ana Lucia / Eko / Libby / Ilana / Bram / Nathan / Arzt / Nikki / Paolo / Frogurt / Rousseau / Pilot / Officer Mars

ROW FOUR: Charles Widmore / Eloise Hawking / Tom Friendly / Ethan / Goodwin / Mikhail / Cindy / Emma / Zack / Alex / Karl / Ms. Klugh / Pickett / Colleen

ROW FIVE: Matthew Abadon / Naomi / Keamy / Omar / Captain Gault / Minkowski / Regina / Dogan / Lennon / Zoe / Seamus / Montand

ROW SIX: Dr. Chang / Horace / Phil / Razinsky / Roger Linus / Young Ben / Amy / Oldham / Kelvin / Annie / Leonard / “Dave”

ROW SEVEN: Christian Shephard / Sarah Shephard / David Shephard / Achara / Aaron / Kate’s Mother / Kate’s Step-Father / Claire’s Mother / Nadia / Cassidy / Liam / Anthony Cooper

ROW EIGHT: Mr. Paik / Mrs. Paik w.Ji Yeon / Jai Lee / Hurley’s Mother / Hurley’s Father / Randy Nations / Yemi / Isabella / Helen / Susan Lloyd / Richard Malkin / Billy Dee Willaims as Himself :)

ROW NINE: Jacob / The Man In Black / Mother / Young Jacob / The Smoke Monster

A full-sized version of the image is included on artist Ol’ Fuzzy Bastard’s tumblr. My favourites? Frogurt on fire; Frank; and, of course, Nikki and Paolo. Which’re your favourites?

Also, a year later? What’re your thoughts on the much-maligned series finale of Lost? What about the show in its entirety?

  • YetiStomper May 26, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    I think the finale hit with a resounding meh. It wasn’t terrible but I will agree it proved that Lindelof and Cuse were making it up as they went along. It was satisfying from a character perspective but lacked a complex conclusion that they had been selling all along. I think the rate it departed from the collective cultural conscious is indicative of the general apathetic response.

    The real question is: Having seen it from start to finish, would you recommend someone else start watching the show?

    While the show was on, I would have said absolutely. Now, I’m not so sure it’s worth it.

  • Raphael May 28, 2011 at 12:07 am

    I never got what was exciting about that show.

  • Yohan May 28, 2011 at 1:28 am

    As an episode by itself, the finale was a brilliant and emotional episode. But as a finale to this series, it was not good. In fact i still have an incompletion with this show that is unlike any other tv series.

    There was so many loose ends and story threads that were not resolved. The emperor really did have no clothes, as it was shown the writers had no clue where this story was going and how to resolve it.

    If you look at the alternate time stream flashbacks during the final season, you can see they had a different ending in mind and then abandoned it with half a dozen episodes remaining.

    The first 4 seasons are very strong and it is still probably one of the greatest shows ever.