THE FRACTAL PRINCE by Hannu Rajaniemi

And, via Sensawunda, the blurb:

Jean le Flambeur, posthuman thief, is out of prison, but still not free. To pay his debts to Oortian warrior Mieli and her mysterious patron the pellegrini, he has to break into the mind of a living god. Planning the ultimate heist takes Jean and Mieli from the haunted city of Sirr on broken Earth to the many-layered virtual realms of the mighty Sobornost. But when the stakes of the pellegrini’s game are revealed, Jean has to decide how far he is willing to go to get the job done.

First off, the cover art is just wonderful. Kekai Kotaki impresses me at every turn and his work on The Fractal Prince will stand proudly beside the cover for The Quantum Thief. Great work from Kotaki and the Tor art team!

Second, I’ve not read The Quantum Thief yet, but ever glowing review I see sends me closer and closer to doing so. The blurb for The Fractal Prince sounds even more interesting to me than The Quantum Thief. It’s certainly a easy time to be excited about the future of Science Fiction.

  • Alex Field June 29, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    That cover is sick. I want to read the book now, without a doubt. Thanks for posting.