The kitschy castles of George R.R. Martin's A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE by Kevin Cook

From Cook’s kickstarter campaign:

Taking my love for these books (and recent HBO television series), I set out to harness this inspiration and produce artwork in my preferred medium. My goal was to produce tasteful and minimalistic pieces that conveyed the emotions of their respective settings without sacrificing the spirit of the series. I also wanted to create something I could display in the house without my wife hiding it every time friends came over (she’s not too in to fantasy art).

And I’d like to share these with you – the Kickstarter community. When you pledge, you’ll be part of the premiere printing of these digital paintings. To make these unique originals, each piece will be numbered and hand signed.

I’ve set the project goal to meet minimum printing costs for a 500 print run, and cover continental US shipping costs. The prints are high quality, ready for framing, hanging, and displaying your Ice and Fire love.

So, what are you getting? I’ve created four digital paintings, each featuring a different castle: Stoic Winterfell, majestic King’s Landing, the vertigo-inducing Eyrie, and one in-progress piece. The last one is a surprise, but it will be a piece that burns against the cold*.

If funding is successful, all prints will be mailed within one week of the project closing. All artwork should be received late November, and well before the December holidays.

Everyone here knows of my love for fine art and nerd culture clashing together with beautiful results. Like these Middle Earth travel posters, these are a wonderful melding of a classic art style with Martin’s creations. Few fantasy series have such iconic set pieces as A Song of Ice and Fire, and The Red Keep, The Eyrie and Winterfell are immediately recognizable, even in their stylized form. Cook also promise (somewhat slyly, that Castle Black is also in the pipeline and will be available/included for those who fund his kickstarter campaign.

So, what’re you waiting for? Love this art as much as I do? All it takes is ten bucks and you’ll get a signed print of the four castles. Tell me that wouldn’t look great hanging above your computer desk. More Cook’s art can be found on his blog.