From 4gamer:

DRAGON QUEST X looks like crap DRAGON QUEST X looks like crap DRAGON QUEST X looks like crap

Like, what the fuck, Square Enix?

This was the best of the bunch:

DRAGON QUEST X looks like crap

The best. It’s especially egregious when Level 5, the developers responsible for several previous Dragon Quest games, is making a game that looks like this:

Ni No Kuni, developed by Level 5 Ni No Kuni, developed by Level 5 Ni No Kuni, developed by Level 5

I mean, sure, you could use the Wii’s lack of horsepower as an excuse when put next to Ni No Kuni, which was developed for the Playstation 3… but even the damn Nintendo DS version of Ni No Kuni has more heart and complexity to its environments, despite the low resolution and ancient hardware. See:

Ni No Kuni, developed by Level 5

Try harder, Square Enix. It’s early (though the game’s been in development for several years), it’s an MMO (kinda) and Dragon Quest has never been graphical powerhouse… but this is just embarrassing. I want to be excited for this game, I’ve been hard at work trying since it was first revealed… but I’m finding it exceptionally difficult to imagine this being any less of a trainwreck than Final Fantasy XIV, which Square Enix are tearing down and rebuilding from scratch because it was so bad.

  • Joe Sherry October 20, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    Ew. Just. Ew. Excuse me while I go back to Dragon Quest VI on my DS.

  • Bets Davies October 22, 2011 at 7:19 am

    I’m no gamer, and I haven’t seen this one in action, but it looks amusing in world construction. Naively, I ask, if the game is exciting and original, how much do we have to care about how pretty it is? Is it exciting and original? Remotely so?

  • Luke October 24, 2011 at 10:13 pm

    It doesn’t really look that bad. Kinda generic, solidly within the DQ aesthetic…plus, come on, Level 5 developed that other game with Studio Ghibli. You’re really expecting ANY game to look as gorgeous as something done by Ghibli?