A DRIBBLE OF INK is on Facebook!Hello, everyone!

As you might have noticed, one of several new changes/additions to A Dribble of Ink (can you spot the others?) is the addition of a new Facebook badge on the sidebar. I’ve long neglected starting a Facebook page for A Dribble of Ink in fear of cannibalizing my audience and spreading them too thinly across several platforms. But, In the past several months I’ve spent a lot of time with social networking and very much appreciate its ability to help me improve my current audience’s experience and appeal to a new audience who doesn’t yet read the blog.

So, if you enjoy A Dribble of Ink (which I assume you do, given that you’re reading this) please us on Facebook. If you’re really kind, share the page on your Facebook profile/twitter and spread the love to your friends and family.

Even if you’re not on Facebook, you can still access the A Dribble of Ink page or subscribe to it via RSS. So, you have no excuse not to join in the fun!