Code #9: WHAT ARE THEY UP TOWhen I met with Brandon Sanderson on Saturday, he was gracious enough to include me in his fabled (and super fun) event, The Great Hunt.

For those who haven’t heard of the hunt, from Sanderson’s website:

I leave codes hidden around the world for Wheel of Time fans to locate, and they collectively input them into a web page which slowly unlocks text for everyone to see. (You can read a recap of last year’s Great Hunt here.)

I have some thirty codes to reveal, hide, or otherwise give out while on tour this time. I may hide some inside books in certain bookstores. I might give them to individuals (like Tor employees) for safe keeping, and require you to figure out who they are. Or, perhaps, you might have to do something else. Whatever strikes me.

Before we go farther, however, some ground rules:

  • The codes are inside envelopes this year, with a label requesting that a bookstore employee NOT open the envelope and read the code over the phone. I’ll probably prepare the bookstore employees for what is coming. You are required to fetch the codes yourself, or at least send someone you personally know to get the code. I don’t want you bothering employees of any store—whether it be bookstores or someone from a store next door—to do the work for you. They aren’t being paid to fetch codes. If you know someone in the area and can send them, go for it. Avoid bothering strangers.
  • All but four of the codes need to be entered in order to reveal the secret, but each one inputted will reveal small bits. This is a collective endeavor. Share information, work together. Once you find a code, input it on this page. Everyone else, feel free to watch the page and try to figure out what the secret is going to be as more is revealed.
  • It is okay to try to guess codes. They have something in common. In a way, they are some fun information themselves.
  • If you want to get involved, both Theoryland and Dragonmount (among others) are likely to have threads where you can post, participate, and see what codes have been found and what others have been tried. You can follow the hunt’s progress by searching for the hashtag #wotgh on Twitter.

I was given one of the codes and tasked with coming up with a fun way to tease fans and make them work to uncover the code. To that end, I’ve hidden one of the codes in a post here on A Dribble of Ink. There are over a thousand posts, so get digging. Good luck.

The code can be entered HERE.

HINT: The post has to do with Brandon Sanderson and/or The Wheel of Time.