You like Fantasy Maps? We got Fantasy Maps.

Map from The Other Lands by David Anthony Durham

If you read A Dribble of Ink, chances are that you’re an entrenched Fantasy fan, yah? And, if you’re such a committed Fantasy fan, chances are that you love maps. I mean, don’t we all have a little Bilbo Baggins in all of us? I sure do. So, I pleased to run across a large collection of various Fantasy maps collected together on A Fantasy Reader, gathered together from across the ‘net.

Maps included among the many are:

Joe Abercrombie

Abraham, Daniel

Hobb, Robin

Jordan, Robert

Keyes, Greg

If you’re serious about maps, like I am, you’ll want to keep an eye on this Index of Fantasy Maps, which has been updated frequently since it first began in 2009. What are your favourite maps?