A-Song-Of-Ice-And-Fire-2012-Calendar-a-song-of-ice-and-fire-31077687-900-900Over on his blog-that’s-not-a-blog-that’s-actually-just-a-blog, George R.R. Martin has released a new teaser chapter from The Winds of Winter, the sixth volume of his popular A Song of Ice and Fire series. There’s still no release date, but it’s a nice treat anyway. That said, I won’t read it until the book is released, but I know some people like these.

On the morning that she left the Water Gardens, her father rose from his chair to kiss her on both cheeks. “The fate of Dorne goes with you, daughter,” he said, as he pressed the parchment into her hand. “Go swiftly, go safely, be my eyes and ears and voice… but most of all, take care.”

“I will, Father.” She did not shed a tear. Arianne Martell was a princess of Dorne, and Dornishmen did not waste water lightly. It was a near thing, though. It was not her father’s kisses nor his hoarse words that made her eyes glisten, but the effort that brought him to his feet, his legs trembling under him, his joints swollen and inflamed with gout. Standing was an act of love. Standing was an act of faith.

He believes in me. I will not fail him.

Seven of them set out together on seven Dornish sand steeds. A small party travels more swiftly than a large one, but the heir to Dorne does not ride alone. From Godsgrace came Ser Daemon Sand, the bastard; once Prince Oberyn’s squire, now Arianne’s sworn shield. From Sunspear two bold young knights, Joss Hood and Garibald Shells, to lend their swords to his. From the Water Gardens seven ravens and a tall young lad to tend them. His name was Nate, but he had been working with the birds so long that no one called him anything but Feathers. And since a princess must have some women to attend her, her company also included pretty Jayne Ladybright and wild Elia Sand, a maid of ten-and-four.

What does this mean for The Winds of Winter? Who knows. But, if it’s your thing to read Martin’s books one trickled-out chapter at a time, have at ‘er.