The second volume of Brandon Sanderson’s oh-crap-Tor-needs-someone-to-fill-the-hole-left-by-the-end-of-the-Wheel-of-Time series, The Stormlight Archives, now has a name and a release date.

Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson

Sanderson speaks a bit about the project and the title:

The Way of Kings was Kaladin’s book. He will have a lot to do in Book Two, of course, and you can expect some great sequences within his viewpoint. However, the flashback sequences in Book Two belong to Shallan. In my notes for the series, I had planned for Shallan’s book to be named after the tome she is given at the end of the first novel: The Book of Endless Pages. On Roshar, that is a book of knowledge that can never be completed—because people should always be learning, studying, and adding what they’ve learned to it.


Lots of people weighed in with their feelings on Stormlight Two. For a while, I toyed with titles that still had “book” in them, as I liked how that fit with Shallan’s scholarly nature. The Book of Lies was one of these, as was The Book of Dusk and Dawn. (As a side note, being a fan of Magic: The Gathering makes naming things harder sometimes, since the creative team over at Wizards has named A LOT of cards—and the titles I think of sometimes sound too much like things they’ve done. That’s why Book of Fact and Fiction was dead the moment it occurred to me.)


In the last few months, the title that has really been sticking with me is Words of Radiance. (Admittedly, “radiance” is a synonym for “light,” but at least it’s a step away.) With “words,” it still has a slight tie to my original desire to have “book” in the title, and I believe it’s significantly meaningful for people who have read the first novel. It also works very well for reasons that I can’t tell you now without spoiling the story.

Hey, it’s not cover art (or even news about who the artist will be), but we all pathetically salivate for even the smallest drop of information about our favourite authors, don’t we? Words of Radiance is set for a tentative November, 2013 release.

  • Shane March 5, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    Well, I for one loved the first book and am incredibly excited about the next entry.