Dirk Loechel, a visual artist from Germany, loves spaceships. So much so, that he created a beautiful scale chart of hundreds of spacecraft from many of the most popular science fiction IPs, including Warhammer 40k, Star Trek, Gundam, Final Fantasy, and even Spaceballs. If you’ve got a favourite ship, it’s probably in there!

The scale of the chart hit me when I spent five minutes looking for the Enterprise D, expecting it to be among the middle-ish of the pack in size. I had to squint to find it. Loechel’s chart uses a pixel:metre scale of 1:10, making the chart itself 57km tall and 43km wide. That’s a lot of spaceship.

(Full chart after the jump.)


“But my favourite isn’t on there?” you’re scream. Well, Loechel admitted that he had to draw the line somewhere. “For reasons of image quality and chart organisation, only ships between a minimum of 100 meters and 24000 meters are applicable for this chart, sorry,” he said. And then there’s the TARDIS, which Loechel explains is a special case, “It’s both too large and too small for the chart.”

The full resolution chart (4268 × 5690) can be found on Loechel’s DeviantArt. Just be prepared to set aside a few hours to get lost among the stars. It’s a truly amazing accomplishment.