Julie Crisp is no longer Editorial Director at Tor UK. She is beginning a new venture as a private consultant, offering services as a literary agent, freelance editor, and manuscript doctor. She has launched a new website to market her new company. Her shoes will be filled by Wayne Brooks, Publishing Director for Tor UK’s commercial fiction team.

Ambiguous wording in the announcement makes it unclear if Crisp was let go from the company as a result of ” a review of the company’s science fiction and fantasy publishing,” or if Crisp left after conducting the review. However, Crisp’s response on Twitter suggest the latter, and, respecting her leadership and editorial eye as much as I do, I’d like to think Tor UK wouldn’t willingly let her go. Either way, Tor UK will be poorer for Crisp’s absence, but writers everywhere should be scrambling for her services.

Crisp has worked with many of science fiction and fantasy’s most successful authors, such as China Mièville, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Ann Cleeves (not to be mistaken for Anne of Cleves), and Paul Cornell.