Well, I applaud Tor for putting an old(ish) guy on the cover, and leaving his face unobscured by a silly cloak/hood. Otherwise, it looks a lot like a Dresden Files novel, and not a whole lot like the awesome covers that the series originally debuted with. I don’t mind Chris McGrath’s art, but I think it’s a poor fit for Scholes’ series.

And, to meet my ‘obscure videogame culture reference of the day’ quota, the man’s a dead-ringer for Jeff Green (not this Jeff Green), formerly of Computer Gaming World Magazine, then Games for Windows: The Official Magazine, then Electronic Arts, then PopCap Games, then, by virtue of the universe’s perverse sense of irony, Electronic Arts, again, thanks to their acquisition of PopCap Games. *Phew*

9 thoughts on “Cover Art for Requiem by Ken Scholes”

  1. Stephan says:

    That is so sad! Don’t get me wrong, Chris McGrath is among the best artists nowadays… Greg Manchess, however, is my second favorite artist ever.

  2. Joel says:

    it’s the dad from twin peaks!

  3. neth says:

    totally agree – these are good, but the original style was just better.

  4. dakeyras says:

    I was thinking he looked more like an older James Vanderbeek.

  5. Scott says:

    I like it…but yeah you’re right the initial art for this series was FAR superior…..but MCgrath is a decent replacement. And I like this. Need to read the 3rd book still.

  6. Looks like the lovechild of James Vanderbeek & Mandy Patinkin… Aged. Good, though. Like the contrast between red & grey

  7. Scott says:

    Gods, now I can’t unsee Vanderbeek. LOL. What are the odds that McGrath used a pic of him as model?

  8. Widmerpool says:

    Guy in a dress with a shiny staff is better than a guy in a hood? As a regular hood wearer I must disagree.

  9. Aidan Moher says:

    Guy in a dress with a shiny staff is better than a guy in a hood?

    More like, “Guy in a dress with a shiny staff is less overdone in Fantasy cover art than a guy in a hood? Yes.”

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