Earlier this week, I featured a beautiful timeline based on the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, by the designers at Fast Company’s Co. Design. Thanks to Raphael (one of my readers), I was pointed in the direction of another awesome timeline of the movies, illustrated in a decidedly different manner.

Another great LORD OF THE RINGS timeline, by Randall Munroe

This time, the art is by Randall Munroe, the Hugo-nominated artist behind the popular webcomic, xkcd. It seems simple and goody at first, but when you start following some of the character’s paths, the detail and thought put into it (juggling both time and location) is astounding. My favourite part is probably the orc’s tunnel-like timelines sprouting off from Sauron.

A nice, hi-res version of the timeline (along with similar timelines for Star Wars, Jurassic Park and a couple of other movies) can be found on the original xkcd strip.

  • Mark Lawrence May 20, 2011 at 4:40 am

    Excellent, that’s pretty cool. If I ever see one of these as a poster, I’m having it!